Connect Everything

Connect Everything

Flare is a new blockchain built to connect everything. It presents developers with a simple and coherent stack for interoperability:

> Scalable EVM-based smart contracts.
> Highly decentralized price feeds.
> Secure state acquisition from other blockchains via the first consensus protocol purpose built for external data.
> Fast, decentralized, insured and multilateral smart contract token bridging that handles the risk of crossing zones of sovereignty and unifies rather than fragments liquidity.
> Non-smart contract token bridging that enables tokens like BTC, XRP, DOGE and others to participate in DeFi on Flare and bridge to other chains.
> Secured data relay giving decentralized applications access to the value, liquidity and information of multiple blockchains.
> Horizontal scaling through a fully interoperable multi-chain ecosystem.

This allows developers to build applications that capture the largest possible addressable market, serving multiple communities and ecosystems simultaneously through a single deployment. By securely connecting blockchains and real world data, Flare creates a decentralized solution to scale Web3.

Flare Facts

Built for universal connectivity - Flare addresses the core interoperability issues facing blockchain today, allowing assets and information to flow freely and securely between blockchains.

State Connector: First consensus protocol purpose built for external data - Flare's State Connector can rapidly come to consensus on the state of on-chain data sources, making it more secure than existing approaches.

Flare Time Series Oracle: Decentralized data - Most DeFi still embeds the risk of relying on centralized oracle solutions for price feeds. The FTSO leverages the decentralized structure of the Flare network to secure reliable and decentralized price data to dapps on Flare.

Trustless interoperability - Both the State Connector and Flare Time Series Oracle have been designed with decentralization at their core, incentivizing independent third parties to support the network with the reliable provision of data.

Native interoperability - The State Connector and Flare Time Series Oracle are fully composable, updatable and built natively into the Flare blockchain. This removes the risk and complexity of needing to integrate off-chain interoperability layers.

Layer Cake: Fast, decentralized, multilateral and insured bridging - Layer Cake bridging will be insured, enabling smart contract assets to move safely and securely between chains.

Bridging that unifies, rather than fragments liquidity - No matter the origin chain, the destination token is the same, so ETH bridged to Solana will always give you Solana-ETH, regardless of the chain it was bridged from.

Secured information relay for full cross chain composability - Staked relay of data between multiple chains, including Flare, providing secure two-way interoperability. Instead of relying on governance, secured relay will have automated slashing of faulty relay nodes through the State Connector’s ability to prove what any node has relayed to another chain.

Unlocking value locked in non-smart contract chains - Two-thirds of the total value of all blockchains is in non-smart contract chains. With FAssets, holders will be able to bring tokens like BTC, XRP and DOGE onto Flare and participate in DeFi, NFTs and more.

Deploy once and access value of multiple ecosystems - The industry standard EVM makes it easy to build applications on Flare that can access the value, liquidity and information of multiple blockchains.

Fast, low fee and low carbon - Flare's next generation technology brings fast, secure and efficient transactions with very low gas fees and a small carbon footprint.

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