Putting Songbird in Flight

Putting Songbird in Flight

23 September 2021

Songbird has now launched and the SGB token has been distributed to all addresses.

This document briefly describes the path that the network will take over the coming weeks and months.

Observation Mode:

Songbird is currently in what we term Observation Mode. The FTSO contracts will be deployed during observation mode and the FTSO system will commence. Observation Mode is intended to allow exchanges, FTSO data providers and developers to deploy on the network in a safe manner. During this period, the network may be rolled back and/or redeployed from Genesis. Succinctly this means:

1. Node peering with the network is achieved through whitelist. https://forms.gle/zHisUgitnSEHCGBb6

2. Flare reserves the right to rollback and/or take down the network and restart from Genesis. Exchanges: We STRONGLY advise not making SGB token available for sale or purchase during this time.

If the network and Flare FTSO smart contracts prove stable then Observation Mode will end at 14.00 GMT on 27th September.

State-connector Testing Mode:

Once Songbird progresses past the Observation Mode, Flare will not be able to unilaterally rollback or restart the network. During the State-connector Testing Mode, nodes are still required to be Whitelisted as per the form above.

The state-connector will not immediately be deployed post the 27th of September it will first undergo further testing on Coston and then it will be enabled for testing on Songbird.  This will test both the state-connector code and the operation of the state-connector incentives. This may lead to changes in the state-connector and the way in which validator power is planned to be apportioned to validators that win state-connector proofs. The existing plans are available here: https://docs.flare.network/en/state-connector & https://docs.flare.network/en/validators

During this period we may or may not deploy the F-Asset contracts to start testing.

Unrestricted Mode:

Once the state-connector system and related validator selection algorithm has been fully tested, the necessity to whitelist nodes will be removed. Songbird will then operate at the behest of the validators and previously specified token derived governance functions, the latter of which is mediated through the Flare Foundation.
Testing of the F-Asset contracts, if already started, will continue. If not started, will start during this period and will, when deemed robust, become a core protocol of Songbird. This means there may be halts and/or changes to the F-Asset system during this testing period. After sufficient testing of the F-Asset contracts, Flare will be launched and Songbird will become the testing ground for governance based changes to Flare. Songbird may diverge from this role at its own will through Songbird token governance.

Further information:






Peering Whitelist (repeat of above):


Running an archive node:


Reporting bugs:

Please report any bugs or unexpected behaviour to: [email protected]

Bug bounties:

A bug bounty program is being established in the coming weeks. Details of this will be available at https://docs.flare.network

Deployment prior to owning SGB tokens:

If you are setting up infrastructure or a data provider and need tokens to deploy, please contact us.


Accessing your tokens (if you claimed through self custody):

You will be able to access the network once a public RPC is set up. Flare will not run a public RPC node. We expect several external parties to set up public RPC's in the coming days. Guides as to how to connect supported hardware or software wallets will be made available in the coming days.

Detailed information and technical documents regarding setting up a data provider and/or participating in the FTSO system will be available in the coming days after the deployment of the FTSO contracts. Further documents on the state-connector and F-Asset systems will become available at launch of those systems on Songbird.

Note of caution:

Songbird is being established as the Canary network for Flare. All the systems being deployed on Songbird are new and are being deployed to Songbird for testing so as to achieve greater robustness for the launch of Flare. This means that there may be meaningful bugs and redeploys in the FTSO, State-connector and F-asset protocols. The network itself may be rolled back or restarted as per the information in the preceding paragraphs. The risk of owning SGB and participation in the protocols of the network is potentially higher than that of long established blockchains.